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Can I use Flawless BODY while in the shower or bath?
Flawless BODY is designed to perform best as a Dry Shaver. While the unit is water-resistant, it should NEVER get wet or be submerged in water. It is not ideal to use while showering, or on damp or wet skin. Hair is best removed when dry.

When should I use the SensaGuard™ on Flawless BODY, and why?
The SensaGuard™ is designed for use when removing hair under the arm and in the bikini area. The guard helps block sensitive, delicate skin in these areas from coming into direct contact with BODY’s oscillating 18K gold-plated head. The head, with the SensaGuard™ on, will effectively remove hair in these sensitive areas.

What are the “combs” for?
Many women groom their bikini area. To help in that trimming process, Flawless Body comes with two (2) comb attachments. One comb will trim hair to 3 millimeters in length, the other will trim hair to 5 millimeters in length. Or you can dare to go bare using no comb attachment. Simply snap on the desired comb attachment and begin trimming.

How long does “recharging” take and how long with the “charge” last?
Flawless BODY is a rechargeable unit and takes up to 4-hours to fully charge. The charge will last 45 minutes at full power, with consistent use.

Flawless BODY does not require water for use and helps save water consumption.
Flawless BODY is fully rechargeable, keeping battery acids from leaching into land-fills.
Flawless BODY is not disposable and is helping keep plastics and blade use to a minimum.

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